WDEQ\WQD review and approval of WHP plans is encouraged, but only required in the event that a community or PWS wishes to participate in state or federal programs that require an approved Wellhead Protection (WHP) plan. If seeking such approval, please forward three copies of the final plan to WDEQ/WQD for review and approval.

Appendix Q contains a checklist for use by 'Community' PWSs in determining the completeness of draft WHP plans and must be included in WHP plans submitted for WDEQ/WQD approval.

'Non-Community' PWSs need only submit 3 copies of the completed condensed 'model' WHP plan (Appendix F: "State of Wyoming Groundwater Contamination Susceptibility Assessment Survey Form") together with a map (minimum 1:24,000 scale) illustrating the WHPA(s) (delineated using Arbitrary and Calculated Fixed-Radius Methods) for consideration of approval.

WDEQ will review submittals for completeness and adequacy in terms of the minimum acceptance criteria set forth in this guidance document; either review comments describing plan incompleteness/inadequacy or formal approval of the plan will be provided by WDEQ/WQD within sixty (60) days of receipt of the plan.

Three copies of the final plan should be submitted to:

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
Water Quality Division
Wellhead Protection Program
Herschler Building - 4W
Cheyenne, WY 82002

If possible, please provide a copy of the narrative sections of your WHP plan in WordPerfect format and attach hard copies of non-compatible maps, tables, figures, etc. included as part of the plan.

EPA Monitoring Waivers:

Under certain circumstances, EPA will allow 'community' and 'non-transient non-community' PWSs to obtain either 'use' or 'susceptibility' waivers from certain monitoring requirements established under the Safe Drinking Water Act; 'transient non-community' systems are not subjected to monitoring requirements that may be waived.

PWSs wanting to use a WDEQ approved WHP plan to assist them in obtaining a 'Susceptibility' waiver from EPA (Safe Drinking Water Act) monitoring requirements will need to meet additional requirements. (Please provide an additional (fourth) copy of the plan and indicate if you wish to have a copy of the final, approved plan forwarded to EPA for application for monitoring waivers.) PWSs should contact WDEQ/WQD or EPA to obtain information regarding any additional requirements that will have to fulfilled in order to obtain a 'susceptibility' waiver. Further information on monitoring waivers is provided in Appendix G of this document.

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