Executive Summary
Wellhead Protection (WHP) Plan Overview
Need for Local Wellhead Protection (WHP) Programs
Cost/Benefit of Local Wellhead Protection
Public Input and Participation in Development of Wyoming's WHP Plan
Preview of Wyoming's Wellhead Protection Plan

I. Introduction
State Wellhead Protection (WHP) Plan Elements
Local Wellhead Protection (WHP) Plan Elements
Federal, State and Local Government Roles
Wellhead Protection (WHP) Management Committees
Public Information and Education
Funding Sources
Additional Information and Technical Resource Material

II. Delineation of Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPAs)
Definition of Delineation 'Zones' Within the Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA)
WHPA Delineation Procedure Overview
Process of WHPA Delineation
Aquifer Media and Groundwater Flow Types
Distinguishing Between Diffuse and Conduit Flow
Accepted Delineation Criteria and Methodologies
Minimum Baseline Methodologies and Criteria for WHPA Zones 1, 2, and 3
Zone 1 - Accident Prevention Zone
Zone 2 - Attenuation Zone
Zone 3 - Remedial Action Zone
Special Considerations
WHPA Delineation Report
'Susceptibility Assessment Form'
Sources of Information

III. Inventory of Known and Potential Contaminant Sources
Categories of 'Sources' with the Potential to Contaminate Wellhead
Procedures for Inventorying Existing and Potential Sources of Contamination
Potential Contamination Source Inventory - A Case Study

IV. Potential Contaminant Sources: Management Approaches
Management Strategies: Selection Concerns
Groundwater Monitoring in Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPAs)
Developing and Documenting Existing and Proposed Management Strategies
Identification of Existing Local, State and Federal Source Management Authorities

V. Planning for the Future: Contingency Plans and Plans for Siting New Wells
WHP Contingency Planning Team
Identifying and Ranking Potential Problems
Considerations for Contingency Plan Responses
Potential State and Federal Funding for Emergency Drinking Water Supplies
Content and Organization of the Contingency Plan
Planning for New Wells

VI. Developing and Implementing Local Wellhead Protection (WHP) Plans
Emphasis on Public Education and Participation

VII. Submission, Review & Approval of Local Wellhead Protection (WHP) Plans
EPA Monitoring Waivers

VIII. Updating and Revising Local Wellhead Protection (WHP) Plans




Appendix A: Groundwater Flow Models

Appendix B: Resource Organizations

Appendix C: Additional Published Information and Technical Resources Forms (Ground-Water Protection Document Request, Publication Order Form)

Appendix D: Methods for the Delineation of Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPAs)

Appendix E: The Aquifers and Aquifer Systems in Wyoming: Overview of Geologic and Hydrogeologic Settings in Wyoming

Appendix F: Groundwater Contamination Susceptibility Assessment Survey Form

Appendix G: Susceptibility Assessment Form Assistance Package

Appendix H: Source Identification Form

Appendix I: Summary of Wellhead Protection Tools

Appendix J: Potential Source Hazards, Controls, Assessment and Management Form

Appendix K: Wellhead Protection Questionnaire and Responses (1991 Public Information/Education Meetings)

Appendix L: Sample Wellhead Protection Ordinance Provisions

Appendix M: County Emergency Management Coordinators

Appendix N: Summary of Existing Source Capacity and Demand

Appendix O: Contingency Planning Team Roster

Appendix P: Emergency Probability and Severity Chart

Appendix Q: 'Community' PWS WHP Plan Submittal Checklist

Appendix R:
Fact Sheet 1: "Economic Benefit Potential From Implementation of a Wellhead Protection Program in Wyoming"

Fact Sheet 2: "Potential Economic Benefits and Cost-Avoidance to Wyoming Communities (or Public Water Systems) When Wellhead Protection Plans are Implemented

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