There is a wealth of additional published information and technical resources available pertaining to all aspects of the WHP plan. The following materials are available for use by individuals, city/county planners and engineers, elected officials, Public Water System operators and others interested in learning more about protecting groundwater. Internet Web Sites listed on page C-5 are an excellent source of information. For background or basic information regarding the WHP plan, the general guidance documents may be consulted. If more specific or technical information is required, the technical assistance documents may be utilized. Copies may be obtained through the sources listed below; many are free.

Technical Assistance WHP Documents and Videotapes:

General: (Many of these also contain technical guidance on specific elements of WHP plans.)

Delineating Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPAs):

Contaminant Source Inventories:

Contaminant Source Management Approaches:

Contingency Planning:


To Order Copies of EPA Documents:

List of Contacts to Obtain Copies of State WHP Plan Guidance Document:

List of Technical Information Contacts:

Internet Web Site Addresses:


Wyoming Natural Resources Data Clearinghouse:

EPA Home Page:

EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water:

EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds:

EPA's "Surf Your Watershed":


Nat'l. Drinking Water Clearinghouse:

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