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At 12:53am, 05-Mar-2015
Temperature: 11.0°F
Humidity: 69%
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==> snow.html <==

 -M   = Missing data
  *   = Data may not provide a valid measure of conditions.
Units = inches for the Current and Normal Snow Water Equivalent and

Total Precipitation values

If the Basin Index (%) value is flagged as potentially
invalid, care should be taken to evaluate if the value is representative
of conditions in the basin.

The SNOW WATER EQUIVALENT Percent of Median represents the snow water
equivalent found at selected SNOTEL sites in or near the basin compared to
the Median value for those sites on this day.

The TOTAL PRECIPITATION Percent of Average represents the total precipitation
(beginning October 1st) found at selected SNOTEL sites in or near the basin
compared to the Average value for those sites on this day.

Contact your state water supply staff for assistance.

Medians and averages are calculated for the period 1981-2010.

Provisional data, subject to revision.

* Site -- Either: (a) the current value is missing; (b) the median or
average for the day is not available or is zero; or (c) for snow water
equivalent, the median for the day is less than 10% of the maximum
median value for  the year.

* Basin - More than half of the sites within the basin are flagged with *,
preventing the calculation of a meaningful basin index.

The basin index is calculated as the sum of the valid current values
divided by the sum of the corresponding medians (for snow water equivalent)
or averages (for precipitation) and the resulting fraction multiplied by 100.