Wind Protection
To Shelter Livestock

A Portable Wind Shelter
Sometimes a temporary windbreak is handy--say, an animal is down, or equipment must be repaired in the field. Snowman worked out this design. The parts fits in a pickup, and one person can set it up. Two 5-by-8 ft steel correl panels are set in a V-shape, and a tarp is unrolled along the upwind face. Each end of the 5-by-16 ft tarp is sandwiched between 1-by-6 boards. One end has hinge parts that mate with the correl panel. Eye-bolts in the other end-boards make it easy to secure to the panels with shock cords.

Wind reduction is greatest in the first 8 ft beyond the ends of the shelter. Be sure the tarp is down against the ground, to eliminate drafts and drifts. In winds over 30 mph, or if the panel is to be left unattended, drive a stake at each corner (3/4-in rebar works) and anchor the panels with shock cords. Without these anchors, a strong wind into the open side of the "V" can "walk" the ends until the panels fall over (Jairell and Schmidt, 1988).

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