Wyoming State Geological Survey
Gary B. Glass, State Geologist



James C. Case, Linda R. Zellmer, Mary T. Harris,
Rebecca L. Anderson, and Laura L. Larsen

Prepared in Cooperation with the
Wyoming Water Resources Center, Steven P. Gloss, Director

Bulletin 69
Laramie, Wyoming


Selenium toxicity has been of concern to states in the Western United States since the 1930s. Selenium deficiency has been of nationwide concern for a number of years also. In Wyoming, both toxic and deficient conditions have been identified. In 1987, a Governor's Task Force was created to investigate the status of selenium in Wyoming. In 1988, funding was made available from the Wyoming Water Resources Center to acquire key literature on selenium for the use of the Task Force. In order to facilitate the use of the literature and assist selenium research in Wyoming, this bibliography and index have been generated.

Subtopics within the index are cross referenced within main topic categories. For example, listings for specific plant species are also listed under "Plants". "Plants" listings are included in the main topic "Soil and Plant Science". This bibliography does not include all bibliographic references for selenium. Selected references that apply to ongoing or needed research in Wyoming were given preference.

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