The Wyoming Water Bibliography

The Wyoming Water Bibliography (WWB) was initiated to provide a comprehensive, computerized, bibliographic storage and retrieval system dealing with the development, management, and use of Wyoming's water resources. At present, the WWB contains 13,000 citations. As new reports are published, they are incorporated into the WWB by the Wyoming Water Resources Center.

The need for the WWB was identified by the Governor's office as a tool to be used in the careful planning and management of the development of Wyoming water resources. Since references are readily available from the many varied disciplines in the water field, the WWB can save time and effort in searching for literature on a given water topic. When evaluating projects, contemplating the need for a study, or determining what information has already been collected in an area of concern, the WWB can be accessed, and citation information dealing with the subject retrieved for review. Included with each bibliographic citation is a listing of one or more locations where the physical document may be found. This benefits the user in being able to review or obtain a copy of the publication if needed.

The WWB is a multidisciplinary system dealing with all aspects of water. Subject areas included are ground and surface water hydrology, water quality, water development, water management, water law, fish and wildlife, energy development, economics, recreation and various other disciplines related to water.

Information for the bibliography was obtained from a variety of sources including state and federal agencies, universities, community colleges, city and county offices, public libraries, consulting firms, commercial database searches, and many personal contacts with other individuals involved with Wyoming's water. These sources were most valuable in furnishing information to make the WWB as complete as possible.

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