Managing Drifting Snow
For Snowdrift Control

Controlling Snowdrifts on Roads
Although we mention the I-80 snow fence system often in these pages, this web site is only an introduction to the concepts of effective designs for snowdrift control on highways. Tabler (1994) provides a thorough treatment of all details involved in designing large systems.

Driving through a blizzard is frightening at best--at worst, deadly. Poor visibility and snow-packed roads can combine with snowdrifts on the road to deal disaster to drivers. In addition to eliminating drifts on the roadway, snow fences in the I-80 system improve visibility and reduce road icing, But there are many other methods for reducing the impact of blizzards on highway travel. The help of a snow control specialist is a must for such projects. Besides snow fences, tools of the trade include road cross-section modification, changing snow removal operations, improved delineation, management of roadside vegetation, safety barrier modification, and use of "living" snow fences (Tabler 1994).

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