This atlas is dedicated to everyone who is fascinated by nature's beauty and respects its power.


Funding for this atlas was made possible through a grant received from Wyoming Water Research Program, a cooperative Federal (U.S. Geological Survey) and State (Wyoming Water Development Commission) initiative. Gratitude is extended by the authors to the following organizations and individuals whose contributions made this project a success:

The Western Regional Climate Center (Kelly Redmond), the High Plains Regional Climate Center (Kenneth G. Hubbard and Brian Fuchs), Spatial Climate Analysis Service (Christopher Daly), Natural Resources Conservation Service (Greg Johnson, Tom Pagano, and Rudy Garcia), U.S. Geological Survey (Kirk Miller), Desert Research Institute (Tim Brown), National Climate Data Center (Tom Whitehurst), Big Sky Institute - Montana State University (Stephen Gray), Climate Prediction Center (Rich Tinker), TrueWind Solutions (Bob Putnam), Tabler & Associates (Ron Tabler), Office of Governor Dave Freudenthal (Lara Azar), Vaisala-GAI (Ronald L. Holle), NOAA Forecast System Laboratory (Leon Benjamin), Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (Steve Roseberry), School of Natural Resources -University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Mark Svoboda), Oregon State Climatologist (George Taylor), Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change (Sherwood Idso), Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering - University of Wyoming (Richard J. Schmidt), Midwestern Regional Climate Center (Jon Burroughs), National Weather Service Forecast Office Riverton (Art Meurier), and the staff of the Water Resources Data System (Tony Bergantino, Debra Cook, Beverly Sanchez, Barbara Muller), and to Kate Shimko for editing and proofing this manuscript.